Polymer Products for International Distribution

Polymers have become the raw materials for a vast array of products throughout the world. The buying, selling, distribution, brokerage, and trading of these raw materials have become an industry of great importance to the manufacturers of plastic products. These trading companies are essential in finding the raw materials at a fair price and getting them delivered in a timely manner.
Raw Materials

Kardino Group brings advanced technology and promotes localization of core chemical materials. In addition, we offer chemical materials by combining unique functions of a trading company in financing, investment, distribution and marketing with the technology of top manufacturers.

Kardino  Group current activities 

Kardino  Group can supply its customers with all the plastic raw materials in different industries listed below.
  • Cable Industry
           Crosslinkable HFFR
           Semiconductive Compound
           Medium Voltage XLPE
           PE Foam
           Color Masterbatch
           Additive Masterbatch
  • Adhesive Industry
          Pentaerythritol Rosin Ester
          Hydrocarbon Resin
          Synthetic Wax
          Microcrystalline Wax
          Fisher-Tropsch Wax
  • Compound and Masterbatch Industry
          Catalyst and Accelerator
          Processing Aids
          U.V Stabilizer Agent
          Anti-oxidant Agent
          Lubricant Agent
          Glass Fiber
  • Other Polymer Industries
           Virgin Polyamide 6
           Polycaprolactone Raw Materials
           PU Foam Raw Materials